Unica T -
10 Jahre Künstlerbücher /
10 Years of Artists´ Books

Catalogue, bilingual (English and German), published on the occasion of the exhibition "10 Jahre Unica T" at the Museum für Kunsthandwerk Frankfurt am Main, September 4th - November 17th, 1996. 
It shows all the bookworks, limited editions, one-of-a-kind pieces and portfolios from the first 10 years of Unica T. Every book is shown in full colour, and, as it is not possible to handle the shown artists´ books, there is also a description to give you an idea of what happens when you would turn the pages.

Editor, publisher, design, typography: Unica T
21 x 27 cm, 228 pages
106 four colour illustrations,
paper board with relief print
ISBN 3-00-000854-3

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